6 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

The design of your website is very important. It offers a business impression to your customers. If it looks trash, consumers will leave your website and will think of your business as unreliable. In 2017, minimal, sleek, and professional-looking websites are trendy. In 2018, here are the top six web design trends to watch out for:


Unique typography

Before, website designers do not give typography any importance. As long as the words are readable, it’s good. But today, typography is also seen as an important element in a business’ authenticity and individuality. That’s why some businesses even spend money to develop their own fonts. In 2018, the goal is to use unique and expressive typography.

Scroll-triggered animation

Actually, animations are discouraged in website development. They make your website less responsive. Moreover, they can be very annoying to most consumers. But in 2018, scroll-triggered animations will dominate the pages. They do not consume too much data to download on a device. They only move when they are being displayed.



A minimalist website is a still a thing in 2018. Consumers hate “too much” in their view. As much as possible, websites should be organized, have fewer tabs, and have a flat design. Minimalism also increases the responsiveness of your website. It does not require a huge amount of data to load.



One of the major roles of websites is to reach customers instantly. As a way of making communication more convenient, web developers are starting to integrate chatbots that provide consumers an opportunity to connect with the business instantly.

Virtual reality

In social media, 90% of content is videos. On the other hand, websites do not post videos as much because it makes pages load very slowly. But in 2018, we expect to see more video content, especially virtual reality videos. There will be 360 videos, video mapping, and interactive videos.


Web apps

More businesses are also making applications available on their website. It offers a diversity of services and convenience for consumers who do not want to open multiple tabs just to use multiple services.

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