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Taka Dive continues to provide quality web design content for consumers for 10 years. Our pool of website designers and developers can help you understand the basics of web design. We also have digital marketers who can help you use your website as your primary digital marketing strategy. In bringing quality content, we make sure we validate all our information from reliable resources:



Wix is actually a free website builder. But they are also dedicated to providing helpful tips and advice about how to creatively design and develop a website. They serve individual, enterprises, businesses, and organizations. Check out their blog posts.

Website Builder Expert

This website specializes in helping you search for website builders and developers. Moreover, they are engaged in the production of creative and helpful web design content. Know how to start a website through their page.


CIO specializes in a lot of things related to information technology. They can handle cloud computing, web design, application development, etc. They offer news, how-to content, blogs, and videos, among others.


HubSpot provides inbound marketing solutions. They specialize in search engine optimization, website marketing, social media campaign, and other digital marketing strategies. They are also engaged in the research of SEO and market trends.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is your reliable source of web design inspiration. They offer you fresh and professional advice, guidance, and wisdom about creative web design and development, including typography, layout, theme, etc.

These are some of the reliable websites we trust about web design and marketing.