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We are one of the largest online communities here in Australia that are dedicated to sharing our expertise in website design and development. We offer helpful advice, guidance, tips, and wisdom about how to make incredible and amazing websites. We are composed of digital marketers and website builders who use our passion in website development in helping small businesses and even large corporations increase their brand’s popularity and establish their online presence.


We have been in the service for over 10 years. Over 100,000 users check our website to get some insights and advice about website design and development.


We bring you the latest news and updates about tech-marketing. We inform you the latest trends in the website design. We also offer web design and development training for those who wish to furnish their skills or discover their hidden talent in website design.


Join our community where you can interact with website builders not just in Australia, but all around the world.


If you have concerns, queries, and feedback about our services, feel free to leave us a message at support@takadive.com.au.


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